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The Vision of Expansion and Growth for La Comunidad Intelectual

By Felipe Sanches   Since the founding of La Comunidad Intelectual, the vision of the Learning Community has been to “recognize and critically examine Caribbean and Latin American cultures, customs and traditions as they exist at UConn and beyond… [and to] nurture intellectual diversity, inclusivity, and social activism.” As the only Latinx Learning Community on […]

Dr. Venator Studies Local Response to Hurricane María’s Displacement

  An NPR report on research by El Instituto/Political Science joint faculty member and Associate Professor Charles (Robert) Venator highlights the disorganized and slow response by Federal authorities to the plight of Hurricane María refugees and how this top-level management inefficiency threw the main weight of resettling the displaced people and providing their needs onto […]

“Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging”

  Journalism prof and Instituto affiliate faculty Scott Wallace published  “Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging” in the National Geographic Magazine, 28 August 2019. Wallace chronicles the beleaguered Brazilian national forestry service’s efforts to stem the tide of renewed logging in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, following forest agents on a field enforcement mission […]

Education in the Latinx Diaspora

Dr. Jason G. Irizarry’s (Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Faculty Associate of El Instituto) undergraduate course, Education in the Latinx Diaspora (LLAS 3998), critically explores the educational experiences and outcomes of Latinos, the largest and fastest growing “minoritized” group in U.S. schools. The curriculum and course assignments range from readings on LatCrit Theory, […]

Professor Gilda Ochoa Visits PRLACC

    Each year, the Latinos in Education Foco invites a speaker for a plática with students, faculty and staff at the university. El Foco is a research community within El Instituto that provides opportunities for mentorship, networking and professional development for junior tenure-track faculty.  This year’s guest of honor was Professor Gilda Ochoa. Ochoa […]

Tertulia con Amanda Guzmán

  When Amanda Guzmán was growing up in the Bronx in the 1990s, she rarely saw her family’s Puerto Rican heritage reflected in the great museums of New York City. There was one exception. Her parents took her to the Museo del Barrio to show her an exhibit on the archaeology of the ancient Taino […]


  In early March, Professor Lazaro Lima visited UConn to give the annual Luis B. Eyzaguirre Lecture. The lecture honors the memory of Professor Luis Eyzaguirre, who taught Latin American literature and Spanish at UConn for over 30 years. The purpose of the lecture series was to provide the UConn community with an opportunity to […]


    The end of this academic year brings many new beginnings.We celebrate the scholarly achievements of our graduating undergraduate minors and majors and cheer for the career milestones reached by our graduate students (see Graduate News). We give thanks for another year’s good work, with our partners, the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, La […]


Special Collections conservator at UConn, Natalie Granados, had her art featured at Homer Babbidge Library. Granados’ featured works are vivid depictions of places Granados has visited brought to life digitally through Adobe Draw. Places she has been such as the Dominican Republic where she was raised and New Orleans where she lived for a period […]