Course Offerings

Spring 2020

LLAS 1000–Introduction to Latina/o Studies
Instructor: Daisy Reyes W 6:05-8:35PM
Interdisciplinary examination of the Latina/o experience and impact across the United States. Consideration of behavioral, institutional, and societal perspectives; national and transnational identity; cultural, legal, and educational issues. CA 2. CA 4.

LLAS 1009–Latino Literature, Culture and Society
Instructor: Dina Rivera M/W/F 11:15-12:05PM
Critical approaches to Latinos/as and cultural representation, production, and agency, as impacted by globalization and local dynamics. Will engage the value and function of race, gender and sexuality in popular culture, literature, film, music, digital culture, visual arts, and urban culture. Taught in English. Knowledge of Spanish is not re-quired. CA 1. CA 4.

LLAS 1190–Introduction to Latin American and the Caribbean
Instructor: Rodolfo Fernandez Tu/Th 11:00-12:15PM
Multidisciplinary exploration of the historical development of such aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean as colonization and nation formation; geography and the environment; immigration and migration; race, ethnicity, and gender in society, politics, economy, and culture. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

LLAS 1190W–Introduction to Latin American and the Caribbean
Instructor: Anne Gebelein Tu/Th 12:30-1:45PM
Multidisciplinary exploration of the historical development of such aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean as colonization and nation formation; geography and the environment; immigration and migration; race, ethnicity, and gender in society, politics, economy, and culture. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

LLAS 2012–Latinos in Connecticut: Writing for the Community
Instructor: Anne Gebelein Th 3:30-6:00PM
Students partner with Latino agencies to apply research and writing skills to commu-nity needs. Community theory, digital literacy, historical background of CT Latinos, contemporary issues that impact the population. Service learning component.

LLAS 3021–Contemporary Latin America
Instructor: Olivia Marcus Tu/Th 12:30-1:45PM
Survey of anthropological contributions to the study of contemporary Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Hispanic Caribbean. Special focus on the compara-tive analysis of recent ethnographic case studies and local/regional/national/international linkages.

LLAS 3221–Latinos/as and Human Rights
Instructor: Anne Gebelein Tu/Th 11:00-12:15PM
Latino/a issues related to human, civil and cultural rights, and gender differences.

LLAS 3233–Studies in Latina/o Literature
Instructor: Lisa Sanchez Tu/Th 12:30-1:45PM
Advanced study of a theme, form, author, or movement in contemporary Latina/o literature. May be repeated for credit with a change in topic.

LLAS 3251–Latinos: Sexuality & Gender
Instructor: Marysol Asencio Tu 3:30-6:00PM
Critical discussion of issues involving gender and sexuality among Latinos, with par-ticular attention to race, class, ethnicity, and acculturation.

LLAS 3525–Latino Sociology
Instructor: Daisy Reyes M/W 4:40-5:55PM
The economic, social, political, and cultural experiences of Latinos in the United States. CA 2. CA 4.

LLAS 3609–Latin America in the National Period
Instructor: Claudio Daflon M/W/F 12:20-01:10PM
Representative countries in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean together with the historic development of inter-American relations and contemporary Latin American problems. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

LLAS 3609 (2)–Latin America in the National Period
Instructor: Claudio Daflon M/W/F 11;10AM-12:00PM

LLAS 3635–History of Modern Mexico
Instructor: Rodolfo Fernandez Tu/Th 2:00-3:15PM
The emergence of modern Mexico from independence to the present with emphasis on the Revolution of 1910. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

LLAS 3998.002–Education in Latinx Diaspora
Instructor: Jason Irizarry Tu/Th 9:30-10:45AM
This course critically examines the educational experiences and outcomes for Latinx students in U.S. schools, highlighting the various ways Latinx students and families have asserted agency in their quest for educational equity.

LLAS 3998.003–Women’s Health/ Latinx & Afro-American
Instructor: Yvette Martas W 2:30-5:00PM
This course will address the health care issues and disparities experienced by the women in the Latinx and Afro American communities.

LLAS 3998.006–Puerto Rican Catastrophe
Instructor: Charles Santiago M 1:25-3:55PM
This course provides students with a historical overview of Puerto Rico’s territorial status as well as with a discussion of the recent debates over the responses to various crises in the island. The course will focus on how a narrative of catastrophe has been used to describe the living conditions of the island’s residents.

LLAS 3998.004–Human Rights in Latin America
Instructor: Samuel Martinez M/W 4:40-5:55PM
Approached through case law of the Inter-American Human Rights system, this course will explore the struggles for civil/political, economic, and cultural/collective rights and discuss the reach and limits of human rights law as an instrument of liberation.

LLAS 3998.007–History of Borderlands
Instructor: Rodolfo Fernandez Tu 6:30-9:00PM
This course will explore, discuss, and analyze the histories and cultures of the places on the edges of Latin America, including the U.S.—Mexican border.

LLAS 4320–Media and Diverse Audiences
Instructor: Ronnie Shepard Tu/Th 11:00-12:15PM
Issues of race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, and sexuality in mainstream and alternative media. Analysis of how diverse groups use the media, are represented in, and interpret media content.

LLAS 4470–Soap Opera/Telenovela
Instructor: Diana Rios ONLINE
Socio-cultural functions of soap operas/telenovelas as mediated serials constructed by commercial organizations and consumed by United States and global audiences.

LLAS 4994W–Latin American Studies Research Seminar
Instructor: Jorge Auero W 12:20-3:20PM
Capstone course in which majors and minors in Latin American Studies design, execute and write up original, library-based research on Latin America. Some readings may be in Spanish or Portuguese.

LLAS 5360 Latinos and US Education
Instructor: Jason Irizarry 12:00PM – 2:30PM / Th / GENT425

LLAS 3999, LLAS 5110, LLAS 5390 Independent Study can be arranged with any of the following:

Dr. Emma Amador, History,

Dr. Jorge Agüero, Economics,, 860-486-3022

Dr. Marysol Asencio, Sociology,, 860-486-4177

Dr. Anne Gebelein, El Instituto,, 860-486-8030

Dr. Jason Irizarry, Education,, 860-486-9523

Dr. Samuel Martínez, Anthropology,, 860-486-4515

Dr. Daisy Reyes, Sociology,, 860-486-4336

Dr. Diana Rios, Communication Sciences,, 860-486-3187

Dr. Charles Robert Venator Santiago, Political Science,, 860-486-9052