Luis B. Eyzaguirre Lecture Series

Luis Eyzaguirre


The Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies (now El Instituto: Institute of Latina/o, Caribbean and Latin American Studies) and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at UConn created the Luis B. Eyzaguirre Lecture to honor the memory of Professor Luis Eyzaguirre, who taught Latin American literature and Spanish at UConn for 32 years. The purpose of the lecture is to provide students at UConn and the larger community of scholars an opportunity to experience the excitement and humanism of Latin America and the Caribbean's literature and culture. The Eyzaguirre Lecture series allows the University community to know the human side of Latin American and Caribbean Studies by bringing distinguished literary and cultural figures to the Center to share ideas and discourse.


Jorge Felipe Gonzalez Headshot


Jorge Felipe Gonzalez

“Cuba and the Establishment of an African Kingdom in the Age of the Slave Trade”

Jorge Felipe Gonzalez is a historian professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.




The Eduardo Halfon Mini-Symposium

Marilyn MillerMarilyn Miller

“Eduardo Halfon and the Itinerary of Memory”

Marilyn Miller is the Sizeler Professor of Jewish Studies and professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Tulane University.



Eduardo Halfon

Eduardo Halfon

“A Conversation Between Eduardo Halfon & Marilyn Miller”

Eduardo Halfon is the author of fourteen books published in Spanish and three novels published in English.




Dr. Lazaro Lima Headshot


Lázaro Lima

“Being Brown: The Latino Question in the Democratic Commons”

Lázaro Lima is the E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts and professor of Latin American and Iberian Studies and American Studies at University of Richmond.


Fernando J Rosenberg


Fernando J Rosenberg

“Human Rights and the Imperative to Reimagine the Planet. A Latin American Perspective.”

Fernando J Rosenberg is a professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature at Brandeis University.



Vicky Unruh


Vicky Unruh

“Casa tomada’: (Re)possession and (Re)conciliation with the Diaspora in Cuba’s Cultural Imaginary”

Vicky Unruh, Professor Emerita, is a professor at the University of Kansas and author of Latin American Vanguards.


Daniel Alarcon


Daniel Alarcon

“Lost City Radio”

Daniel Alarcon is an assistant professor of Broadcast Journalism at Columbia University

Past Scholars


Martín Rejtman

Film Screening of ‘Dos diasparos’ (‘Two Shots Fired’)

Martin Rejtman is an award-winning Argentinian film prodcer, film director and screenplay writer.



Diana Taylor

“Performing the Thing: Teatro Vertigim’s Bom Retro”

Diana Taylor is a professor of Performance Studies and Spanish at New York University.



Cesar A. Salgado

"Restoring (Tapia's) Campeche: The Role of the Visual in Arturo A. Schomburg's Afro-Atlantic Archive"

César A. Salgado is an Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Graduate Adviser in the Program in Comparative Literature at The University of Texas at Austin.



Sergio Chejfec

"The Music of Anomalies"

A Pierre Minn, Medical Anthropologist, Humanitarian Relief Worker, and an Argentine novelist.



Aníbal González-Pérez

"Prophetic Discourse and the Naturalist Novel in Spanish America: Federico Gamboa's Santa (1903) and Manuel Zeno Gandia's Redentores (1925)"

Professor of Spanish at Yale University



Jenn Andermann

Department of Iberian and Latin American Studies, University of London



Coco Fusco

"Becoming Post-Cuban"

New York based interdisciplinary artist, writer and Chair of the Fine Art Department at Parson/The New School Design



Mayra Santo Febres

"Invisible Traces: Race in Puerto Rican Literary Discourses"

Novelist, poet, essayist, radio and television personality, and a professor in the Humanities Division of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras



José Quiroga

"Cuban Cocktails"

Professor of Spanish at Emory University



Doris Sommer

"Art and Accountability"

Professor of Spanish at Harvard University



Maria Clemencia Rámirez

"Citizenship Construction in the Context of the International War Against Drugs and Terrorism"

Director at the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History



Maria G. Nouzeilles

"Bone Wars in Patagonia: Dinosaurs, Lost Wars, and the Leviathan"

Professor of Spanish at Princeton University



John Dwyer

"Is There Something Special About the U.S.-Latin American Relationship?"

Coordinator of International Information Programs at the U.S. Department of State, former Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Spanish at Yale University



Manuel Durán

"Latin American Writers I have Known: Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda, Juan Rulfo, and Octavio Paz"

Professor Emeritus from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Yale University