General Plan of Study

Students elect one of two programs in pursuing their master's degree; "Plan A" or "Plan B".

Plan A requires a minimum of 21 credits of course work, mainly at the 5000 level, plus a
thesis. All Plan A students must complete 9 credits of Master's Thesis Research (GRAD
5930 or 5960).

Plan B, which is the option chosen by most students, requires a minimum of 27 credits of
course work and a one-semester project or paper (LLAS 5890; 3 additional credits for a
total of 30 credits). Please contact admin to add LLAS 5890 with your major advisor.

No more than 6 credits may be taken at the 3000 level. (Graduate students may not
take 2000 level courses for credit.)

Additionally, students on either plan may take no more than 6 credits as independent
. If students have special reasons for an exemption to this latter rule, they can
present a petition to the Graduate Committee.

In addition to the two required core seminars (LLAS 5000 and LLAS 5100/HIST 5610), every student is expected to complete a methods seminar in their chosen discipline of specialization.

(“Plan B”) ‐ This plan of study typically divides 30 credits as follows:

First Year (18 Credits)

First term: two courses plus LLAS 5000 (Seminar in Latin American Studies)

Second term: three courses


Summer or Winter Intersession (Optional 3 credits):

Internship/practicum/study abroad

Second Year (12 Credits)

First term: two courses one of which must be LLAS 5100/HIST 5610 (Transnational
and Comparative Latin(o) Studies). May include an independent study if student
wants to do independent research towards the final paper or project.

Second term: one course plus LLAS 5890 (Writing Credits)

(“Plan A”) ‐ This plan of study typically divides 21 credits

As well as a minimum of nine of GRAD 5950/5960 Master's Thesis Research credits must be listed. Your advisory committee may require more than the minimum 21 depending on the scope and quality of your preparation and objectives.

Consult your major advisor about the departmental requirement for your degree. The Plan of Study for Master's Degree form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the fourth week of the student’s final semester before degree completion.

Available forms are found in the Graduate School website.

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