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“Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging”

  Journalism prof and Instituto affiliate faculty Scott Wallace published  “Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging” in the National Geographic Magazine, 28 August 2019. Wallace chronicles the beleaguered Brazilian national forestry service’s efforts to stem the tide of renewed logging in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, following forest agents on a field enforcement mission […]

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UConn 2019 Advising Conference

General Education as a Career Preparation Tool Presenter: Anne Gebelein, Ph.D, Associate Director of El Instituto: The Institute of Latino, Caribbean and Latin American Studies University of Connecticut  Location: McHugh 203 Google Doc for Participants click here

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“From Civil Rights to Human Rights: African American, Puerto Rican, & West Indian Housing Struggles in Hartford County, 1940-2019”

According to UConn today, affordable housing in Connecticut is difficult to find. Associate professor of history and Africana Studies, Fiona Vernal, has developed a housing exhibition in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. This exhibit focuses on on the struggles Hartford Country residents face when trying to find affordable housing. The exhibition has examples of […]

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Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 25 "Debating Immigration and Agricultural Guestworker Programs in the United States and Canada"12:00pm
  2. Sep 30 Black Caribs, Indigeneity, and Resistance in 18th Century St. Vincent2:30pm