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UndocuPeer: Dismantling Barriers within Higher Ed

The UndocuPeer training is a two-hour virtual interactive program facilitated by currently and formerly undocumented students that focuses on increasing educators, counselors, and administrators’ knowledge and skills for supporting undocumented students and advocating for institutional changes to ensure access, safety, and belonging for all students regardless of immigration status. Developed by undocumented students, trainers provide […]

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  1. Mar 16 Country Mexicans: Sounding Love, Life and Belonging in Country Music 4:00pm
  2. Mar 18 What's In the Name Latinx?2:00pm
  3. Mar 25 Puppet And Spirit: Living Gods, Demonic Snakes, Robotic Buddhas, And Migrant Relics7:00pm
  4. Mar 29 Health Care As A Technology Of Sociopolitical Revolution In Chávez’s Venezuela11:00am
  5. Apr 7 A Conversation with Karla Cornejo Villavicencio7:00pm
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