Month: September 2019

Second Year Graduate Students Summer Update

Victoria Almodovar Contributed by Victoria Almodovar Coming into this program, my biggest interests were Latinx identity development and Latinx educational experiences in the United States. After some exploration of a variety of topics, I have chosen a research project that incorporates both of these interests. My project aims to explore the experiences of Latinas in […]

Daisy Reyes Embarks on Follow-up Research to Learning to Be Latino

By Genesis Carela   In 2018 Daisy Verduzco Reyes, Ph.D, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and El Instituto published Learning to be Latino: How Colleges Shape Identity Politics. In this book, she chronicles the identity formation process of Latinx students at three distinct higher education institutes in California (a liberal arts college, a […]

Latinx Leadership Initiative Launched

Contributed by Samuel Martínez A new initiative in support of emerging student leaders involved with PRLAAC and La Comunidad Intelectual (LCI) First-Year Learning Community was announced at the Hispanic Heritage Month Alumni Meet & Greet reception, held at the Jorgensen Gallery Saturday, 21 September 2019. The event took place before that evening’s Gilberto Santa Rosa […]

Leigh Binford Talks about “Guest Worker” Programs

Contributed by Samuel Martínez Arthur (Leigh) Binford, UConn Anthropology PhD, and former professor at UConn-Hartford, University of Puebla (Mexico) and CUNY Staten Island, made the first “tertulia” luncheon seminar presentation of the 2019-20 academic year on Wednesday, 25 September 12:00-1:30PM, at El Instituto’s Ryan Building conference room. Dr Binford’s talk compared temporary migrant worker programs […]

Dr. Venator Studies Local Response to Hurricane María’s Displacement

  An NPR report on research by El Instituto/Political Science joint faculty member and Associate Professor Charles (Robert) Venator highlights the disorganized and slow response by Federal authorities to the plight of Hurricane María refugees and how this top-level management inefficiency threw the main weight of resettling the displaced people and providing their needs onto […]

“Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging”

  Journalism prof and Instituto affiliate faculty Scott Wallace published  “Inside the Faltering Fight Against Amazon Logging” in the National Geographic Magazine, 28 August 2019. Wallace chronicles the beleaguered Brazilian national forestry service’s efforts to stem the tide of renewed logging in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, following forest agents on a field enforcement mission […]