Instituto MA Student Caesar Valentín Honored in Obama Foundation Class of 2020 Video

The work of UConn Philosophy/Political Science graduate and joint Public Policy/Latinx Studies MA student, Caesar Valentín, is featured in a recent Obama Foundation Class of 2020 Video. After joining the Obama Foundation Community Leadership Corps in the summer of 2019, Valentín started a peer mentoring program at his local high school, Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) in […]

New Director Named for La Comunidad Learning Community

A new Faculty Director has been appointed to lead La Comunidad, UConn’s Latinx heritage first-year learning community. First Year Program and Learning Community Program Director, Melissa Foreman writes of Dr Nienhusser, “We believe he is well suited to continue developing an impactful experience for the amazing students involved in this community.” Dr. Nienhusser is an […]

Publication Scholarship Articles on Puerto Rican Studies

In recognition of Puerto Rican Heritage Day (14 June) we highlight recent public scholarship from three UConn faculty and former students: From Hilda Lloréns (Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Rhode Island), the article ‘Racialization works differently here in Puerto Rico, do not bring your U.S.-centric ideas about race here!’ and short book Ustedes tienen […]

Three UConn Faculty Awarded NEHC Seed Grants

The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (UCHI) is pleased to announce that three UConn faculty are among the 30 recipients of the New England Humanities Consortium’s 2020 seed grants for research in the humanities. These NEHC grants seek to capitalize on the collaborative network of the consortium’s 11 member institutes. UCHI is the current executive hub […]

Statement from Centers, Institutes, and Programs on Racial Injustice and Ending White Supremacy

We, the faculty and staff of the interdisciplinary Centers, Institutes, and Programs, stand together to express our shock, our heartbreak, and our outrage at the horrific and senseless killing of George Floyd and the ongoing violence against Black people. George Floyd, David McAtee, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Kathryn Johnston, Ayiana Stanley-Jones, […]

New State Course in African American, Latino, And Puerto Rican Studies

El Instituto’s Associate Director and Associate Professor-in-Residence Anne Gebelein has been assisting the State Education Resource Center (SERC) in the development of a new high school course on African-American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies. This new curricular mandate was passed by the Connecticut State Legislature in 2019; it requires all high schools to offer African-American […]

Mexico’s Industrial Revolutions: Capitalism and the State in Monterrey, 1600-1915

Contributed by Rodolfo Fernandez El Instituto’s Assistant Professor in Residence Rodolfo Fernández finished a complete draft of a new book manuscript, titled Mexico’s Industrial Revolutions: Capitalism and the State in Monterrey, 1600-1915. This book is the culmination of a decade of work, begun while Fernández was a doctoral student in History at Georgetown University.  The […]