Jason Irizarry

Associate Professor, Neag School of Education, Department of Educational Leadership


The University of Connecticut
Neag School of Education – Dept. of Educational Leadership
249 Glenbrook Road, U-3093
Storrs, CT 06269-3093
Tel: (860) 486-6278
E-mail: jason.irizarry@uconn.edu

Area of Specialty:

His research interests include urban teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention with an emphasis on increasing the number of teachers of color, culturally responsive pedagogy, youth participatory action research, and Latino/a students in U.S. schools.

Biographical Note:

Professor Irizarry has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in multicultural education, culturally responsive curriculum development, participatory action research, and urban education. A central focus of his work involves promoting the academic achievement of youth in urban schools by addressing issues associated with teacher education. Manuscripts documenting the findings of his research have been published or accepted for publication in a variety of peer-reviewed journals in the field including the American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, Education and Urban Society, Multicultural Perspectives, the Journal of Latinos and Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, and the Centro Journal of Puerto Rican Studies and others appearing as chapters in various books. His first book, The Latinization of U.S. Schools: Successful Teaching and Learning in Shifting Cultural Contexts (Paradigm Publishers, 2011), was recently awarded the Phillip C. Chin Book Award from the National Association for Multicultural Education.

Authored Books:

Irizarry, J.G. (2011). The Latinization of U.S. Schools: Successful Teaching and Learning in Shifting Cultural Contexts. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishing.

Edited Books:

Rolón-Dow, R. & Irizarry, J.G.  (Eds.). (2014). Diaspora Studies in Education: Toward a Framework for Understanding the Experiences of Transnational  Communities. New York: Peter Lang.

Guest Editorships:

Nieto, S., Rivera, M. Quinones, S. & Irizarry, J.G. (2012). Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE) Journal, 6(3).

Kleyn, T. & Irizarry, J.G. (2011). Special Issue on Immigration and Education. The New Educator, 7(1).

Academic Journal Articles (Peer reviewed):

Irizarry, J.G. & Raible, J. (2014). “A hidden part of me:” Latino/a students, silencing, and the epidermalization of inferiority. Equity & Excellence in Education 47(4), 430-444.

Irizarry, J.G. & Antrop-González, R. (2014). RicanStructing the discourse and promoting school success: Extending a theory of CRP to DiaspoRicans. In Darder, A. & Torres, R.D. (Eds.) Latinos and Education: A Critical Reader. New York: Routledge, 243-260.

Irizarry, J.G. & Welton, A. J. (2014). Latino/a youth researchers as teacher educators: Implications for teaching and learning in urban schools. In Milner, H.& Lomotey, K. (Eds). Handbook of Urban Education. Urban Education. New York: Routledge, 239-255.