La Colectiva Feminista Comes to UConn!

Hoy y siempre en la calle con las trabajadoras y trabajadores. Por una vida digna.

Contributed by Nina Vázquez

La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción of Puerto Rico will be visiting El Instituto from March 23rd through March 27th 2020. El Instituto will be hosting a series of events with la Colectiva’s leaders, Zoan Tanís Dávila Roldán and Shariana Ferrer-Núñez. The purpose of these events is to promote community outreach and to better understand these important issues that impact the Puerto Rican community and the Caribbean on a larger scale. La Colectiva will cover a series of topics such as black feminism, LGBTQIA rights, Women’s rights and the intersections of race, capitalism, and patriarchy. Their visit includes a community facing event in the Hartford Public Library (Tuesday, 24 March, 5-7PM), a student activism how-to session (Konover Auditorium, Wednesday, 25 March, 6-8PM), a Women’s panel at UConn’s Storrs campus (Thursday, 26 March, 6-8PM) and more.
La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción is a grassroots feminist movement that brings together the student, anti-colonialism and LGBTTIQ struggle to oppose the racist and patriarchal colonial system and works towards achieving structural change. They are building a grassroots feminist movement which recognizes that the different manifestations of oppression (including sexism, cis-sexism machismo, racism, xenophobia and capitalism) are interrelated and need to be opposed collectively. Their political project comes from the tradition of black feminism, articulating the fight against hetero-patriarchy, anti-black violence and capitalism.

Zoán Dávila Roldán, abogada
Zoan Tanís Dávila Roldán is a black feminist activist and lawyer from Puerto Rico, member and spokesperson of La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción. An activist lawyer, Zoán has represented protesters affected by state and police repression, impoverished communities at risk of displacement and advocacy initiatives defending civil rights.

Shariana Ferrer-Núñez is a Black queer feminist Puerto Rican activist, scholar and organizer, co-founder of La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción. Her political practice centers intersectionality as the forefront for dismantling systems of oppression, building movements for social justice through collective and popular power.

Shariana Ferrer Núñez, organizadora