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  • Studying Latin America At Home and Abroad

    Aaron Dion enrolled as a junior at UConn this past fall, after he had already traveled to eight different countries across South America and Europe, and spent a year living in Chile. To find out more about his stuides click...Continued »
  • Charles Venator Santiago | NPR Chicago

     In an interview with NPR Chicago, Prof. Charles Venator Santiago discussed Puerto Rico's fiscal woes, and a variety of methods for solving them. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.Continued »
  • Pre-doctoral Fellow | Melissa Huerta

    To read the UConn Today article featuring Melissa Huerta, El Instituto's 2013-14 Pre-Doctoral Fellow, click here.Continued »
  • The Latino – Jewish Identity

    A CT Latino News article explores the development of the Latino-Jewish Identity. To read the full article click here. "Juan Epstein, the Puerto Rican Jew from the 1970s sitcom “Welcome Back Kotter” may have been a fictional character, but the people he represented...Continued »
  • Hispanic Values Study 2013

    A recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute, explores how shifting religious identities and experiences are influencing Hispanic approaches to Politics. To read the article click here.Continued »
  • El Instituto | Working Groups

    El Instituto supports several working groups which allow students and faculty to explore different areas of academic inquiry. To find out more about our working groups please click here.Continued »

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