2020 UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic Fellowship

The UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic fellowship is a competitive award that allows a maximum of two students with an interest in migration studies and/or medicine to spend part of the summer and fall providing administrative, research and clinic support to the UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinics. Honors students whose career trajectory would be enhanced by such an opportunity will be given preference. Spanish-speaking skills a plus.

This fellowship is complemented by an internship that allows the fellow to train for the clinic in the late spring, and contribute to the fall course LLAS/HIST 1570 Migrant Workers. The fellowship during the summer comes with a stipend of $1,000 to cover traveling expenses.

Deadline for letter of interest: Monday, March 23, 2020 to anne.gebelein@uconn.edu

Sponsored by the UConn Honor’s Program, El Instituto: Latina/o, Caribbean & Latin American Studies Institute, CT Area Health Education Center & the UConn Migrant Farm Worker Clinic