TAULA: Taller Urbano de las Américas/Cities of the Americas Workshop

TAULA is a series of workshops designed to highlight path-breaking scholarship on the dynamic urban worlds of the modern Americas, coordinated by Mark Healey.




Dhan Zunino Singh (History, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)

Tales of Two Mobility Infrastructures: the street and the underground railway of Buenos Aires, 1880s-1940s

16 November 2016




Carlos Dimas (Latin American Studies, Wesleyan University)

The Health of the People Out There: The Encuesta de Folklore & Healing in Rural Argentina, 1921

21 April 2016


Leandro Benmergui (History, SUNY-Purchase)

Bankers, Architects, and Villeros: Development Encounters in the “Slums” of Buenos Aires, 1964-1973

31 March 2016


Raul Pacheco-Vega (Public Policy, CIDE Mexico)

Deep Ethnography, Transnational Social Movements and Vulnerable Populations

19 October 2015




Modernization Takes Command? Latin American Cities in the Cold War

International Conference at NYU

1 April 2015


Featuring: Adrián Gorelik (History, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes/ CONICET), Geoff Burrows (History, CUNY Grad Center), Leandro Benmergui (History, Purchase College, SUNY), Amy Offner (History, University of Pennsylvania), Mark Healey (History, University of Connecticut), Marcio Siwi (History, New York University), Patricio del Real (Museum of Modern Art), Helen Gyger (Architecture, Columbia University), Ed Murphy (History, Michigan State University),

Jorge Francisco Liernur (Architecture, Universidad Di Tella)), and Nicholas D’ Avella (Anthropology, Cooper Union)


Michael Rodríguez Muñiz (Sociology, Brown University)

Figures of the Future: Temporal Politics and Latino Demographic Demonstrations in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

18 November 2014


Michael McQuarrie (Sociology, London School of Economics)

The Rise and Demise of Community in Urban Politics, 1970-2010

21 October 2014


Ezequiel Adamovsky (History, Universidad de Buenos Aires – CONICET)

“Race and Class Through the Visual Culture of Peronism: Argentina, 1945-1955”

7 October 2014




Gianpaolo Baoicchi (Sociology, New York University)

“The Civic Imagination: A comparative ethnography across the Americas.”

25 March 2014


Pablo Lapegna (Sociology, University of Georgia)

“The Dark Side of the Boom: Genetically Modified Crops, Agrochemical Drifts, and Popular Demobilization in Argentina.”
16 September 2013




Rosana Pinheiro Machado (Anthropology, ESPM Brazil)

“On the edge of intellectual property: tracking a commodity chain in the global south (China-Paraguay-Brazil)”

26 March 2013




Alejandro Velasco (History, New York University)

Urban Protest, Neoliberal Change, and the Politics of Public Housing Reform in 1980s Venezuela 
13 April 2012


Miriam Greenberg (Sociology, University of California Santa Cruz)

Branding Cities: From New York to Buenos Aires
27 February 2012


Ryan Centner (Sociology, Tufts University)

Blur: Colliding and transforming fortunes in the Abasto neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina
27 January 2012