Course Offerings

Fall 2024

1190. Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean

Also offered as: HIST 1600

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

Multidisciplinary exploration of the historical development of such aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean as colonization and nation formation; geography and the environment; immigration and migration; race, ethnicity, and gender in society, politics, economy, and culture. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

Last Refreshed: 22-JUL-24 AM
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Term Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Schedule Location Enrollment Credits Notes
Fall 2024 10907 Storrs In Person Fernandez, Rodolfo 001 MoWe 11:15am‑12:05pm
PBB 129 50/50
Fall 2024 8515 Storrs In Person Fernandez, Rodolfo 001D Fr 11:15am‑12:05pm
BUSN 122 13/13 3.00
Fall 2024 10908 Storrs In Person Fernandez, Rodolfo 002D Fr 11:15am‑12:05pm
BUSN 202 12/12 3.00
Fall 2024 10909 Storrs In Person Fernandez, Rodolfo 003D Fr 12:20pm‑1:10pm
BUSN 202 13/13 3.00
Fall 2024 10910 Storrs In Person Fernandez, Rodolfo 004D Fr 12:20pm‑1:10pm
BUSN 112 12/12 3.00
Fall 2024 1265 Waterbury In Person Lambe, Ariel 331 TuTh 11:00am‑12:15pm
WTBY 217 11/15 3.00
Fall 2024 11302 Avery Point In Person Contreras, Paulo 660 TuTh 9:30am‑10:45am
ACD 208 5/15 3.00
Fall 2024 11679 Hartford In Person Contreras, Paulo 701 TuTh 12:30pm‑1:45pm
HTB 317 11/15 3.00

Faculty Contact Information – Fall 2024

Bethsaida Nieves,

Rodolfo Fernandez,

Emma Amador,

Anne Gebelein,

Paulo Contreras,

Ariel Lambe,

Joshua Mayer,

Lorena Solis,

Katerina Gonzalez Seligmann,

Beatriz Aldana Marquez,

Dexter Gabriel,

Lisa Sánchez González,

Liliana Oliveira,

Yvette Martas,

Eleanor Shoreman Ouimet,