Affiliate Faculty


Cesar Abadia-Barrero, D.M.Sc., D.M.D., Harvard Medical School
Global Health and Social Medicine; Oral Biology; Medical Anthropology; Human Rights

Gregory Anderson, Ph.D., Indiana University.
Plant Systematics; Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru.

Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Ph.D., Arizona State University.
Urban Economic Development, Urban Transportation and Amenities, Land Use Change, Growth Management & Sustainable Cities, GIS-based modeling, Spatial Statistics, Mixed Methods.


Michele Back, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Additional language learning and use; Translingual/transcultural identities; Study abroad; Peer tutoring; Spanish, Portuguese, and Quechua varieties.

Edith J. Barrett, Ph.D. – Northwestern University
Public Policy, Urban and Community Studies

Jon Bauer, J.D. – Yale University
Asylum and refugee law, employment discrimination.

John Bell, Ph.D., Columbia University
Puppetry performance, history, and scholarship.

Michael Bradford, MFA, Brooklyn College.
Theatre Studies, Playwriting


Rebecca A. Campbell, Ph.D., University of South Florida
Inequality and Health in Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Minority Groups K-12; Mexican American Indians and Schooling; Migration and Education; School Ethnography; University Climate, Cultural Models, and Network Analysis and Underrepresented Women and Racial/Ethnic Minority Engineering Undergraduates.

Odette Casamayor Cisneros, Ph.D., Arts and Literatures, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France.
Blackness & Afro-Latin American Studies; Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Literature and Culture; Cultural Studies; Cuba.

Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Ed. D., Columbia University
Teaching and learning in urban colleges and universities.

Roger Célestin, Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY.
20th Century French Literature and Culture, the French Enlightenment, Theory and Criticism, Travel Literature, Film.

Jason Chang, Ph.D., Berkeley.
Modern Mexico; US Empire; Race; Migration; Transnationalism; Borderlands; Comparative Racial Formations.

Rosa Helena Chinchilla, Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Sixteenth-Eighteenth Century Guatemalan Literature; Member of the Academia de Geografía e Historia; Golden Age Spanish Poetry and Prose; Spanish Humanism; Women’s Studies.

Felix Coe, Ph.D., University of Connecticut.
Ethnobotany, systematics and floristics of New World Piperaceae; Floristics of Mesoamerica and Southeastern United States; Tropical Forest Ecology.

Marie Coppola, Ph.D., University of Rochester
Language Acquisition, Homesign, Sign Language and Language Emergence, Gesture and Communication, Fieldwork Methods for Sign Language Research.

Antonia Cordero”, D.S.W., Graduate Center, CUNY.
Puerto Rican/Latino/a Studies Project; Individual, group and family therapy, Mental health and community services.

Jean C. Cowan, Ph D., SUNY Albany.
Internal displacement, refugees, violence and the war on drugs; Colombia

Lindsay Cummings, Ph.D., Cornell University
Theatre Studies; affect theory, feminist performance, community-based performance, theatre for social change.


Debanuj Dasgupta, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Feminist Geography, Geographies of Sexuality, Migration Studies, Critical Development Studies, Queer of Color Critique, Transgender Studies, Transnational Feminism and Sexuality Studies, South Asia & Caribbean Studies, Critical Trauma Studies.

Miguel de Figueiredo, J.D., Yale Law School
Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Law, Comparative Law, Election Law, Law and Economics, Empirical Legal Studies

Manisha Desai, Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis
Gender and Globalization; Transnational Feminism; Human Rights ; Contemporary Indian Society; Social Movements; Gender and Development; South Asian American Issues

Diane Drachman, Ph.D., UCLA
Social work with immigrant and refugee populations, social casework, and social work practice with self-help groups.


David Embrick, Ph.D., Texas A&M University.
Impact of contemporary forms of racism on people of color; “diversity ideology” and inequalities in the business world; race and education; impact of schools-welfare-and prisons on people of color; sex discrimination

Pamela Erickson, Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo, New York.
Human Reproduction, Ecology, and Ethnomedicine; East Los Angeles, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Panama, The Philippines, and Nepal.


Erica Fernández, Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington.
Parental Engagement, Family/Community/School Relations, Social Justice and Educational Equity, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Latin@ Critical Race Theory (LatCrit).

María-Luz Fernández, Ph.D., University of Arizona.
Nutrition and Coronary Heart Disease; Mexico and U.S. Latinos.

Mary J. Fischer, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
Stratification, Urban Sociology, Higher Education, Residential Segregation, Immigration.


Dexter Gabriel, Ph.D. in History, Stony Brook University, New York.
Black Atlantic, Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation, and Slavery in Popular Culture

Carlos Garcia-Robledo, B.Sc. in Biology, Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Ph.D. in Biology, University of Miami.
Understanding the process of colonization and adaptation of organisms to novel environments.

Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin.
Speech perception, bilingualism, language development, event related potentials

Miguel Gomes, Ph.D., State University of New York -Stony Brook.
Latin American Essay and Poetry; Brazil and Venezuela

Richard Gonzales, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin.
Leadership Development, Equity Issues in Education, Urban Education, and School Improvement.

Paul B. Goodwin, Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts.
Latin America in the National Period; British-Latin American Relations; Argentina.

Jane Gordon, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Black political, social, and educational thought and contemporary slavery.

Lewis Gordon, Ph.D., Yale University
Africana philosophy, politics, and religion; Black existentialism, Black intellectual history; critical race theory

Bruce Gould, M.D., State University of New York Upstate Medical University at Syracuse.
Associate Dean for Primary Care, Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center; Coordinator, UConn Farmworker Health Clinic.

Robin Greeley, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.
Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art; Nationalism studies; Mexico and Nicaragua.


Linda Halgunseth, Ph.D., University of Missouri
Latino and African American Parenting; Cultural Influences on Parent-Child Relations and Parenting; Children of Immigrants; Culturally-Appropriate Measurement Development

Fany Hannon Ph.D., B.A., Smith College; M.Ed, University of Connecticut.
Director, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center; Higher Education and Latinas/os.

Mark Healey, Ph.D., Duke University.
Urban Cultures; Populist Politics; State Power; Modern Citizenship.

Veronica Herrera, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Comparative Politics, Latin America, Environmental Policy

Shareen Hertel, Ph.D., Columbia University.
Labor and Economic Rights, Social Mobilization and Public Opinion on Human Rights.

Tania Huedo-Medina, Ph.D., Universities Autonoma, Complutense, UNED, Madrid, Spain.
Biostatistics for social and health sciences: HIV, nutrition, exercise, obesity, Mediterranean diet, gluten-related disorders, depression, anxiety, meta-analysis, multi-level analysis, mediation/moderation, biostatistcs, structural equation modeling.


Guillermo Irizarry, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin.
Latin American, Caribbean, and US Latina/o Literature and Culture. Ethnic studies in an American (hemispheric), context, and diaspora studies.



Mark Kohan, Ph.D. in Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati
Inquiry based and culturally responsive educational partnerships that support community development.

Erin Kuprewicz, Ph.D. in Biology, University of Miami
Plant-animal interactions, ecology and conservation biology, seed dispersal and predation, forest community dynamics, anthropocene, technology-enabled science education. Field sites in Sierra Los Tuxtlas region of the state of Veracruz, Mexico; and La Selva and Las Cruces, Costa Rica.


Ariel Lambe, Ph.D., Columbia Univsersity.
1930s Cuban antifascism and support for the Second Republic in the Spanish Civil War.

Jacqueline Loss, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin.
19th and 20th century Spanish American Literature; Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Literature; Cuba.


José Manautou, Ph.D., Purdue University
Target organ toxicity, particularly for the liver; hepatic detoxification and disposition mechanisms; hepatotoxicants and interference affecting susceptibility to chemical injury

Maria Martínez, MSW, University of Connecticut School of Social Work.
Director, Center for Academic Programs and Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Instruction, Institute for Student Success

Catherine Medina, Ph.D., Columbia University.
Puerto Rican/Latino/a Studies Project; Mental health services to Latino/a children and adolescents; Recruitment and retention of Latino/as in social work programs.


Nancy Naples, Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY
Gender, Inequality, Public Policy, Immigration, Globalization, Community Activism, and Disability Rights Movement

Julian Norato, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Computational design exploration of engineered systems, including structural shape and topology optimization, multidisciplinary optimization, design optimization for manufacturability, and design of structures made of heterogeneous or hierarchical materials


Angel Oquendo, Ph.D. Harvard University
Transnational and Comparative Law, International Litigation, Commercial Law, Collective Suits, Civil Rights, European and Latin American Law.

Isaac A. (Morty) Ortega, Ph.D. Texas Tech University
Foraging ecology; predator-prey relationship processes at the animal-animal level and animal-plant level; ecology in Patagonia.

Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, Ph.D. Yale University.
Modern Mexico; U.S. Latino/as; Las Américas, Transnational Migration and Empire.


Melina Pappademos, Ph.D., New York University.
Social and cultural history of race, social and political mobilizations, nationalisms, and the experiences of African-descended people in the Americas, particularly for the Caribbean and Latin America.


Graciela Quiñones-Rodríguez, LCSW. Graduate School of Social Work, UConn.
Clinician at UConn, Storrs in Counseling & Mental Health Services. Adjunct Faculty at UConn School of Social Work & Hartford’s Capital Community College.


Nairan Ramirez-Esparza, Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin.
Culture, Language, and Personality; Culture, Language and Health; Culture, Language and Development

Marisol Ramos, M.A. State University of New York, Albany; MLIS, University of California, Los Angeles.
Latin American, Caribbean & Spanish Specialist and Curator for Hispanic History & Culture Collections.

Jesus Ramos-Kittrell, Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Texas-Austin
Sound and music as platforms to analyze the relationship of cultural phenomena to the socio-political structures organizing the practices that produce them; Globalization;


Ricardo Salazar-Rey, Ph.D. Harvard.
Institutional History and Comparative Slavery

Eugene Meilán Salorio, D.B.A., Harvard University
International Business, Foreign Investment, International Trade, Latin American Business, Business Strategy, Business Political Activities

Laurietz Seda, Ph.D., University of Kansas.
Latin American literature of the 20th century with an emphasis on Latin American theater; cultural studies, globalization, women’s studies, Caribbean literature.

Anji Seth, Ph.D., University of Michigan.
Regional Processes in Climate Change, Climate Modeling, Society and Climate.

Noga Shemer, Ph.D., University of California-San Diego.
Psychological anthropology; Caribbean cultures; race, ethnicity, and nationalism; cultural anthropology; politics of representation; identity and belonging; person-centered ethnography.

Matthew Singer, Ph.D., Duke University.
Comparative Politics and Latin American Politics.

Merrill Singer, Ph.D., University of Utah.
Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Critical Medical Anthropology, Syndemics

Chrystal Smith, Ph.D., South Florida.
Cultural anthropologist with expertise in (1) education anthropology with a specialization in STEM higher education research, and (2) medical anthropology with a focus on the chronic disease health disparities.

Karen Spalding, (emeritus) Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.
Colonial Latin American History, Ethnohistory; Peru.

Robert Stephens, Ph.D., Indiana University.
Ethnomosicology, languages of music, Yoruba Culture, Cuba.



Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago; and University of Glasgow.
Pragmatics, Metaphor, Discourse Analysis, Politeness Theory and Applied Linguistics.


Miriam Valdovinos, Ph.D., Social Welfare, University of Washington
Health and mental health effects of intimate partner violence (IPV) on Latina/o families; Culturally-responsive prevention and intervention efforts to address IPV health inequities; Social belonging and social exclusion of undocumented immigrant families; interdisciplinary community based research practices; qualitative methodologies.

Fiona Vernal, Ph.D., Yale University
Africa; 19th century South African history; Christianity in South Africa; slavery and the law; gender; Caribbean/West Indian migration


Scott Wallace, B.A., Yale University; M.A. University of Missouri-Columbia.
Journalism-former Central America correspondent; human rights; environment; vanishing cultures; conflict over land and resources.

Lisa Werkmeister-Rozas, Ph.D., Smith College.
Puerto Rican/Latino/a Studies Project; Racial/ethnic identity development, intergroup dialogue, bilingual/bicultural clinical issues, cultural competence/relevance, and health disparities.

Michael R. Willig, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh.
Tropical Ecology of Animal Populations and Communities; Sustainability of Ecosystem Services; Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Richard A. Wilson, Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science.
Human rights; International criminal trials and truth commissions; Social science evidence in the criminal courtroom