Multi-Media Artist Alejandro de la Guerra Year-Long Residence at UConn

By Alejandro de la Guerra

Contributed by Samuel Martínez

In February 2020, Alejandro de la Guerra, Nicaraguan artist and art teacher, began a planned year-long residence as a visiting fellow at UConn’s School of Fine Arts. The main thematic point of reference of de la Guerra’s art is historical memory. Among his best-known works is the public sculpture/performance piece, La Caída (The Downfall), in which a famous torn-down equestrian statue of former Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza was first meticulously re-created and re-mounted, and then torn down again before a large assembly in Managua. Examples of his work may be seen at his Website and blogspot. De la Guerra looks forward to getting new work done in new media while at UConn, and welcomes opportunities to mount exhibits of his work and talk to classes and speak at other public events about political and activist art in Nicaragua and Central America. El Instituto’s Director, Samuel Martínez, gratefully acknowledges the support of the IIE Artist Protection Fund, UConn’s Human Rights Institute and School of Arts, and the Quiet Corner Refugee Resettlement group in facilitating de la Guerra’s residency.

Images of La Caída are reproduced from